MooD - Stimulate your work team's empathy

My diploma project for Strate - School of design.

Yanko Design has made a resume of this project ! You can find it here ! 

I'll pass on explaining all the ecosystem, it would take too long. 

The thing you must know is that the following part requires that companies have launched this ecosystem based on employees well-being, an horizontal organisation and a Result Only Work Environment where everybody works at his own rythme.

This project can only work in an environment based in trust and empathy.

MooD doesn't communicate nominative emotions. It works within work teams. When it communicates emotions, it is made to help people talk to each other not to police them.
Here is an exemple of user scenario

Thanks a lot for reading this. It is a very condensed version of my diploma presentation to my school jury. This project is the very next part of the thesis "In praise of Idleness" here !

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