Kidn'Pet - Understand your pet

Kidn'Pet is a school project in group of 2. We focused on designing an object connected to an app. We chose to work on helping to build a relationship between a child and his first pet. The application allows him to check his pet activity and compare it to his own, to track him on the map and to learn how animals' territory works. This way, the kid can grow up with his pet friend and understand him better!

Nowadays kids want pets because they are cute, fluffy, and cuddly. Truth is once they have one, their parents have to look after it.
In fact, kids don’t take care of their pet because they simply can’t! They tend to think of it as a plush-toy and don’t understand that love and cuddles are not enough. They have to go outside, run, do their business, eat and sleep - they have their own rhythm.
Caring about your pet, is to care about its needs.
How could we, thanks to the familial tablet, help a kid to understand and learn how to be involved in the caring of the house pet ?
The answer is an ecosystem divided in two elements : 
The first element is a sensor-embedded collar which contains a GPS, a 3G chip to send data 
and an accelerometer.
The collar communicates with the second element : the Kidn'Pet application thanks to it's 3G chip. The datas are made understandable for kids so they can understand their pet's rhythm.
Kidn'Pet is designed following this arborescence
We searched inspiration in the 2015 application graphic trends
and we decided to create an isometric flat design application.
On the main dashboard, children can access each part of the app by just clicking on each sector.
This real world represents his neighbourhood, his school or the park so he/she can't get lost.
For exemple, if Alice clicks on the school, she has access to her pet's liveliness during the day. She can add her own activity (at school or somewhere else) to compare it to her pet's. Educational messages pop up to help her understand how to take good care of him.
Clicking on the park leads Alice to a map where a tracking of her pet creates an influence zone that teaches her how animals territories work
She can add her friend's pet territory (yep, even if it's a rabbit) to understand that if an animal goes over it, it will become its territory
She can contact her friends through this option to organize walks, or she can dual them to earn back her pet's territory
The tracking (on the house) just informs her where the pet goes during the day. It can help in case of a runaway, or parents can use it to track their kid if they let him walk the pet alone
Try out this prototype !
This is a simulation, you can access the main features, and at the end, you will be sent back at the dashboard of the app ;)
Thank you for watching! Feel free to like this work!
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