Japan artworks (TCA)

I've working on those when I was in Japan for 3 months in a university exchange. Enjoy it :)

This is a turning face animation I've worked on with Sugiura and Ishibashi Sensei, the "Super animators" who worked on the well known Ōkami kodomo no Ame to Yuki - Wolf Children and Guilty Crown.
There are 6 frames on this animation, the red lines bound the lighten parts, the blue one the shades.
Same here !
Those ones are from manga class with Ninomiya Sensei. 
Mount St Michel.
A river.
Frameworks (on the left, the original one, on the right, my work)
And some explosions.
All those drawings/animations were made at TCA, Tokyo Communication Art during the tree months I've spent in Japan with two friends of mine for an universitary exchange. All the things I've done there is not uploaded here, but I've also worked with Osamu Honda, who is the artistic director of the One Piece team (and who also worked on Akira).
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